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Our Story

The Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil society (CBCS) was established in February 2002 as a solidarity network of 29 civil society organizations (CSO) of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (formerly ARMM) and other communities elsewhere in Mindanao with significant number of Moro population.

From 29 CSO’s who committed themselves to a shared vision of a Bangsamoro society where people (Darussalam) enjoy the fruits of their successful struggle for a peaceful, democratic and progressive society, The network has since then expanded to have 160 member organizations. It is a network that builds on cooperation, partnership and collaboration of civil society and duty bearers to be more effective in its advocacies for sustained peacebuilding, good governance, promotion of human rights / transitional justice and enabling environment for the delivery of basic services to needy conflict affected communities of the Bangsamoro within and outside of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.


It is committed to facilitating the empowerment of the Bangsamoro peoples to exercise their Right to Self-Determination towards personal, social and structural transformation in the Bangsamoro society.

Development Goal

To unify and consolidate the Bangsamoro Civil Society Organizations for collective actions toward social and human transformation.

Principles and Beliefs

  • Collective responsibility to build peace in Mindanao and work for development of Muslim Communities (Ummah) through participatory governance and leadership by mutual consultation (Shura).
  • Honor, fairness and righteousness in promoting interfaith and intercultural social cohesion and inclusive development.
  • Maximizing available opportunities for the cause of peace and social justice and human rights.
  • Evidence-based advocacy especially on human right violations and other protection issues in the Bangamoro.
  • Advancing the struggle for freedom and self-determination through peaceful and civil engagement.
  • Critical collaboration and constructive engagement approach in relating with existing government institutions and programs.
  • Establishing mutual coordination with Bangsamoro groups that share the same principles in our common advocacy for Bangsamoro self-determination and development.
  • Increasing our constituency by reaching out to the less organized and involved segments of the BM society.
  • We commit to work with other people and groups who share our vision for peace and justice.

FEATURED success stories

Moro-Indigenous Peoples Kinship Reaffirmation Program

CBCS endeavored to help fix the gap between the Islamized and Non-Islamized Natives.

Bangsamoro Unity and Solidarity Program

CBCS was conceived as an attempt to respond to divides among the Bangsamoro.

Council of leaders

Guiamel Mato Alim


Amenodin Tanog Cali


Dipunudin Dipatuan Maruhom


Ebrahim Dalam Sandigan


Mistiri Dari Tarami


Sami Matua Buat

Vice-Chairperson, Internal

Pinky Ayonan Hadji Ali

Deputy Secretary General

Ismael Macarenges Gonzales


Kayato Mendad Alim


Noel Baul


Nathan Daupan Insung

Vice-Chairperson, External

Duma Madal Mascud


Abdulrasad Ismael Sawad


Isa Andy Salwang


Mussah Sangkula Tulawie


Ferrer Tinggalong Marcaban


Abdulbasit Rajamuda Benito


Guiamaludin Tan Guiam


George Ubpon Sampang


Prof. Sahie Udjah


Contact Us

Consortium of Bangsamoro
Civil Society (CBCS)

KFI Compound, Doña Pilar Street, Poblacion IV, Cotabato City, 9600 Philippines

Phone / Fax: (064) 557-0159

A solidarity network of Bangsamoro non-government organizations, peoples organizations and other civil society organizations committed to a more sustained advocacy for Peace, Human Rights, Good Governance and Development.

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