The Bangsamoro Journal, a quarterly publication of the Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society, December 2006

In this issue:

  • Breakdown of the GRP-MILF Negotiations: Will it result in a breakup?
  • A Reader’s view on the stalled Peace Talks
  • Breaking the standoff in the GRP-MILF Peace Talks
  • The Tacub Massacre Revisited
  • Kawagib says HR Violations against Bangsamoro on the Rise
  • Human Rights Advocacy group launched
  • TFDP condemns abductions of Moro individuals in Mindanao
  • “Tutorials in Conflict Analysis” Series launched by KFI
  • Peace and Conflict Journalism for Mindanao
  • Human Rights violations against the Bangsamoro
  • Going back to the roots
  • Freedom of Choice for the Lumads
  • The Moro Struggle for the Right to Self-Determination
  • GRP should drop criminal charges against MILF Chair Now
  • Mediation Skill as a God-given gift
  • Peacebuilding through Humanitarian Relief
  • CBCS Regional Updates
  • OIC Session on Harmony of Rights, Freedom and Justice
  • The Philippine Crisis and its implication to the Bangsamoro
  • Editorial: We need peace now, more than ever