The Bangsamoro Journal, a quarterly publication of the Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society, March 2005

In this issue:

  • SULU: State of War, Calls for Peace
  • Human Development and Peacbuilding
  • Bangsamoro Problem: A Search for Viable and Lasting Solution
  • 1996 GRP-MILF-OIC Peace Agreement: The Unaccomplished Mission
  • Siege of Manila Prison, an overkill
  • Facts on the wars in Maguindanao and Zamboanga
  • The Resistance Movements in Southern Philippines
  • SAKAPA Exposure
  • CBCS Sponsors Discussion on Anti-Terrorism Bill
  • The Renewed Outbreak of War in Sulu
  • The Undeclared Martial Law in Mindanao
  • The GRP-MILF Peace Negotiations
  • Editorial: The War that should have been