The Bangsamoro Journal, a quarterly publication of the Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society, March 2008

In this issue:

  • Editorial: The Long Road to Peace
  • Breaking the stumbling block that derails the way to peace
  • Overturning the Equation
  • A call for sincerity & Political will
  • In search for an Alternative Term
  • Communique of 2nd MILF-OIC-GRP Meeting
  • Bangsamoro CSOs Meet MILF Panel
  • Declaration of Rights and Purposes
  • Rebuild the Government
  • Peace-keeping Convergence
  • A Call for Peace and Development
  • An Analysis on the failure of the GRP-MILF Exploratory talks
  • Moros Converge in Basilan calling for a Just Peace
  • CBCS holds Forum for Peace in Davao
  • Stories of Peacebuilding
  • Much Ado about “RIDO”
  • Two books from the Moro authors launched
  • KFI, CBCS conduct relief
  • Tiyakap Kalilintad Report
  • From the Human Rights & Justice Desk