The Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society conducted a two-day provincial assemblies in the areas of Lanao Del Sur and Sharief Alawi last January 25-26, 2020 with a theme “Promoting Peace and Good Governance in the BARMM: Opportunities and Challenges”.

The first-day of the provincial assembly spearheaded by the CBCS was conducted at the IPDM Hall, Marawi City  in partnership with Institute of Peace and Development Management headed by Dr. Akram Latip while the second-day activity was held at Plaza Alemania Hotel, Iligan City which was participated by various Civil Society Organizations and individuals who are members of CBCS and those who aspire to be one. The CBCS as it continues to work towards a united Bangsamoro community aims to re-structure a workable provincial platform for effective coordination and cooperation among the Civil Society Organizations thus to also define their membership through the general assemblies. It also aims to make an understanding on the milestones and achievements of the current Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim, identifying challenges thereof and planning for joint actions through creation of resolutions as headed by each provincial convener.

The Lanao Del Sur Provincial Assembly was participated by the Bangsamoro Transition Authority-Members of the parliament, MP Marjanie Macasalong who gave updates on the journey of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao including the challenges it faces and the roles of Civil Society Organizations toward working a better Bangsamoro community. An inspiration message was also given by another member of the BTA Parliament, MP Penduma Sumdad Sani who said that he will continues to fight for the development of the Bangsamoro people especially the Maranaos. On the other hand, BTA-Member of the Parliament, MP Jamil James Macaraya was actively involved and present during the Sharief Alawi Provincial Assembly where he also shared his journey as a member of the parliament and the achievements and challenges in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. A top official from the International Monitoring Team was present during the Lanao Del Sur Assembly, Captain Mahd bin Mat Tahir who shared his experience in working for the peace and development of the Bangsamoro and its communities. It was then preceded by a message given by the CBCS Chairperson, Guiamel Alim. In his statement, he said that he hope that the Maranaos continues to be united and to work as one as they become members of the Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society. As he said, working for peace will always be continues process. A video presentation introducing the advocacies and programs of the Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society was also presented.

It was then followed by a plenary session led by Cosain Naga from CBCS. The resolutions presented were agreed upon by the old members and the new members of the CBCS. It was a productive discussion and exchanged of ideas as they work towards the resolutions and the election of the provincial conveners that shall facilitate and coordinate in the Lanao Del Sur and Sharief Alawi areas. The Provincial Assembly in Lanao Del Sur resulted in the formation of the “CBCS Ranaw Conveners Group” and the “Shariff Alawi Convener Group”.

A synthesis on the program was given by Mike Kulat, CBCS Senior Program Officer who highlighted the significance of the conducted CBCS Provincial Assembly equipped with various learning and experiences given by the different resource persons in each Provincial Assembly.