The relief distributions in Ranaw Cluster area covering Marawi City and Lanao del Sur was undertaken from August 27 – 31, 2020. The distribution was spearheaded by CBCS Area Coordinator Johary Ditucalan Ayo with RAWATEN Inc and other members of the CBCS Ranaw Cluster Convener Group done to “most Vulnerable” members of the network and the communities they served.

Numerous preparation for Relief Distribution like re-validation of target beneficiaries, planning and preparation for COVID-19 minimum health protocols and awareness and safety health measures along the distribution process for both the beneficiaries and the distributing Staff.

The relief distribution was started in Barangay Lilod Saduc with 46 poorest of the poor beneficiaries and in Barangay Matampay Substation with 30 beneficiaries on the 1st day. The program started with the distribution of Face Masks and Covid-19 IEC Primer Materials, and Disinfecting of Alcohol. It was followed by a Short Discussion on the sponsorship and Covid-19 history and preventions.

The assistance is consisted of two hundred twenty (220) 10-Kgs rice with Primers on covid-19 awareness and provisions of face masks, face shields and alcohol for both the recipients and the distributing Staff couple with “physical distancing” protocol throughout the distribution period. And then the Listing of the vulnerable families in the communities and releasing of the 10kg rice followed by other selected areas.

Other listed vulnerable families in the communities and releasing of the 10kg rice followed by other selected areas like widows and most vulnerable households as recommended by respective CBCS Networks from the municipalities of Dumalundong, Lumbatan, Lumba Unayan, Taguloan and Piagapo who were all grateful for the assistance in this trying time as an effect of Covid-19 pandemic.

The recipients are most grateful for the assistance from CBCS-MISEREOR for they are also selected from sectors who had been less attended in the past relief assistance given by the different government line agencies, humanitarian groups and organizations.


By Johary Ditucalan Ayo
CBCS Ranaw Cluster Area Coordinator