[Editor’s Note: This is a reprint from unfinished article posted at his in social-media Messenger Page. The author was erstwhile CBCS Area Coordinator for Samboangan Cluster comprising Zamboanga City and Part of Zamboanga del Norte. He is also Chairman of Tarbiya Committee in Zamboanga and concurrent Region 7 Regional Director of one of the Department under former Office of the 1st Vice Chairman, MILF-CC. He passed away last November 7, 2021]

TAHA G. DARANDA is my name, mindful of everyone who does not recognize me yet. I have to do this. Not to boast but to be remembered. I have always been in the struggle and will continue struggling until my last breath stop.

I supported and joined MNLF on my yesteryears, back up Sultanate of Sulu in late 2000 and was recruited to MILF in year 2007 up to present where I am representing Zamboanga City.

Of all those years of hardships and sacrifices, I never complained, instead performed the tasks assigned to me with compassion.

Today, we almost achieved what we had aimed for our homeland. We have in our midst, the establishment of the so called Moral Governance. It cannot just carry out its plans and objectives easily or timely as expected if the term of the BTA will not be extended.

Hence, for and in behalf of all Bangsamoro supporters of BARMM of Zamboanga City, we appeal to the Congress of PH to extend the period or term of BTA until 2025 or beyond to give ample time for them to comply the tasks mandated.
Assuming that plea is granted, hopefully, we call unto extended BTA to prove that the extension is worth of. Remove all unscrupulous, lazy, undesirable and corrupt officers thereat, change them for a better, competence and committed Bangsamoro to serve Moral Governance.

Of all these, what worries me most is if it falls again to the wrong hands for we do not know the inner attitude of mankind. Suggests further to check or look into the malpractices of some MILF ‘s POLCOM Provincial Chairmen in connection with Decom and rice relief assistance from BARMM, as this will reflect bad image to Moral Governance.

Lastly to the Comrades in arms, who are comfortably sitting in a position now, let me remind you once again, the statement you had released many yours ago “Sa hirap at ginhawa sama sama tayo, no one is left behind”. Kayo ngayon nakatikim na, kami wala pa, me iba jan hinde man lang makatawa, dahil labas kami ng core area? Sana walang maagrabiado, ng dih masira ang Mo…