We, the Civil Society Organizations called – Advocacy Group for Moral Governance defines reason in supporting the Bangsamoro cause for Right to Self-Determination (BRSD).

We do believe that the Bangsamoro Transition Government is in to the realization of the peace agreement between the Bangsamoro and the Philippine Government and that shall be giving a way to correct or redirect the historical injustices against the Bangsamoro people.

Hence, peace is along our way towards the initiative forces that destructed by some negative conceptions and misinterpretations. In lieu, incremental views that hampers in gaining real peace is at stake.
The establishment of transition autonomous government towards BARMM regular government is not that easy. Institutionalization, strengthen political structures and building socio-economic development initiatives will somehow help bring possibilities of having transparent, responsive and accountable leadership to a good governance.

Above all, we support the moral governance of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority until its complete rebuilding the Bangsamoro as a whole.

The CBCS – Kutawato Cluster Region set our hands to sign this 25th Day of February 2022.

Signed by the following member-organizations of Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society (CBCS) Kutawato Cluster Convener Group:
1. Federation of Bangsamoro Civil Society Organizations, Inc. (FBCSO)
2. Kalilintad Development Foundation, Inc. (KDFI)
3. Bangsamoro Initiatives for Progress in Mindanao, Inc. (BPIM)
4. Iranun Multi-Sectoral Association (IMSA)
5. Darapanan Magungaya Consumer Cooperative
6. Salam Laguitan Agriculture Cooperative
7. Damablac Farmer and Fisherfolks Marketing Cooperative
8. Moro Mujahid Motor Part Marketing Cooperative
9. Bangsamoro Communication Network Inc.
10. Muslim Youth Brotherhood
11. 9th Battalion Farmers Marketing Cooperative
12. United Mujahid Farmers Association
13. AlhuqwaMuslim Marketing Cooperative
14. Tabungao Bangsamoro Farmers Association
15. Aldua Bangsamoro Famers Association
16. Bangsamoro Kabpipindaya Agri-Supply Marketing Cooperative
17. Bangsamoro Kagkakalimwa Marketing Cooperative
18. Daduan Agricultural Cooperative
19. Maguindanao Farmers Alliance for Peace and Development Association
20. Camp Darapanan Textile Marketing Cooperative