Our Advocacy and Development Agenda in Support of the BTA-BARMM programs in the Other Bangsamoro Communities (OBC)

We, the participants of the BM-CSO Consultative-Assembly for the Other Bangsamoro Communities held on March 28-29, 2022 at EM Manor Hotel, Cotabato City representing the CBCS Network Organizations coming from CBCS-Sibugay Cluster, CBCS-Lanao del Norte Cluster, CBCS-Rajah Buayan Cluster and CBCS- Davao Region Cluster, envisions to support for the success of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) and its instrumentalities in laying the foundation of good governance in the Bangsamoro.

Anent the above, we have come up with a Peoples Agenda for the OBC, to wit:

On Governance

1. We will organize ourselves into active citizenry to help promote and monitor the implementation of Moral governance in the      OBC;
2. We will advocate for the institutionalization of Moral Governance to provide the legal basis for its operation and enforcement;
3. In coordination with the OOBC, we will work for an effective feedback mechanism that will allow mutual opportunity to                exchange information between the OBC and the OOBC;
4. We strongly support the proposal for satellite platform or offices to facilitate operations of the OOBC on the regional level.

On Socio-economic Programs

1. We will support initiatives that will allow the OBC accessibility to every available economic opportunity;
2. We will continue to advocate for a more equitable share of socio-economic programs and strong support for economic               infrastructure in the OBC;
3. We will advocate for making Geographically Isolated and Depressed Areas (GIDA) or disadvantaged sectors as priority            targets for economic development;
4. We recommend quick impact project as a jump start or roll out socio-economic programs in the OBC;

On Peace and Security

1. We support strengthening of coordination with security-based agency like MPOS, BHRC as well as JPST to provide the            trusted vanguard of the Moro people in the OBC;
2. We will continue to engage in Human rights education and the International Humanitarian Law to safeguard civilian                    populations even during wars or violence;

On Social Cohesion

1. We will continue to bridge relationship among the Moro communities and the other cultural groups through intra-faith and           interfaith dialogues toward healing and reconciliation and building solidarity for mutual support.

We agreed to submit this agenda to the office of Other Bangsamoro Communities-BARMM for possible convergence and synergy of efforts as well as possibilities of supporting them.

We commit to assist the OOBC –BARMM and to serve as their eyes and ears in the ground, to provide feedback on possible comments from the communities and likewise to forewarn them of unfavorable services to the Bangsamoro.

We invoke the help of Almighty to give us strength and to pursue our commitment for unity, peace and inclusive development.

Signed by:
The participants coming from Zamboanga Sibugay Cluster, Lanao del Norte Cluster, Rajah Buayan Cluster and Davao Region Cluster, this 29th day of March, 2022 at Em Manor Hotel, Cotabato City

TAP-G Team