The proposed “No Bangsamoro Child Left Behind in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Project” seeks to improve learning outcomes of re-enrolled out-of-school-children (OOSC) and retained at-risk children in pilot elementary schools in project-supported divisions. The Project will target 100 pilot elementary schools in four divisions (Lanao Del Sur I, Lanao Del Sur II, Maguindanao I and II) in the Lanao Del Sur and Maguindanao Provinces in BARMM. The target beneficiaries of this project are the 6–11-year-old OOSC children who are at risk of dropping out of school or those who have already dropped out or have left school. 

This IPP will supplement the project’s ESMF and SEP and will provide guidance to the implementing agency (Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society, Inc., CBCS)/ Project Management Unit (PMU) and project workers on issues relating to the presence of indigenous cultural communities/indigenous peoples (ICCs/IP) in the project intervention areas in Lanao Del Sur and Maguindanao Provinces in BARMM.  The IPP also sets out the policies, processes, and procedures for enhancing project benefits and addressing potential risks and impacts of the project on ICCs/IP to ensure that they are informed, consulted, and mobilized to participate in project activities and processes.

The IPP is guided by the following guiding principles:

  • The project shall ensure that IPs benefit from the project, and risks and impacts associated with them are considered when implementing the drop-out mitigation measures.
  • The project shall ensure that IPs are fully informed and adequately consulted about project activities, including their impacts and implications on their way of life, customs, traditions, and cultural heritage (as relevant).
  • The PMU will ensure, at all times, that development processes implemented by the project foster full respect for IP’s dignity and human rights.
  • The project will ensure that the Do No Harm Principle is upheld at all times.

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