THE WB-JSDF project in partnership with the Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society, Inc., supports the MBHTE’s flagship principle of “No Bangsamoro child left behind in the BARMM” in education. The main objective of the project is to increase the number of Out-Of-School Children (OOSC) who re-enroll in school and reduce the number of children who drop out of school in 100 pilot elementary schools in the 2 school divisions of Lanao del Sur, and 2 school divisions of Maguindanao all in the BARMM.

In preparation for the project’s effectiveness, the organization welcomes all applicants who wish to submit their letters of interest on the job posting below.

  1. Community Development Facilitators (2 CDFs for Maguindanao and 2 CDFs for Lanao del Sur)
  2. Provincial Coordinators
  3. Social and Environment Specialist 
  4. Procurement Specialist
  5. Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
  6. External Auditor
  7. Consultant for Community Mapping and Development of Drop-out Prediction Model
  8. Development and Provision of Training Program for School Heads and Teachers